Current Projects

Master’s Project – Currently in progress, will update after submission to avoid self plagiarising.

God Complex – My attempt at making and improving the VR game I built for final year.

Placement Projects

Hover Havoc – A game I worked on and released during my placement at Canalside Studios.

Bumble Rumble – A simple 1 to 4 player game we created during a game jam at the start of placement.

University Projects

Creature Controller – My final year Individual Project. An attempt at making a plugin for Unity to handle the behaviours of AI animals.

God Simulator – Final year VR/AR project. Allow users to create solar systems through the use of a VR headset and leap motion.

Send In The Clones – Final year Team Project. Giant octopus monster against government soldier clones in a 1 vs (1 to 3) player battle.

Dungeon Crawler – Simple dungeon crawler with some pretty fun mini games made for second year Team Project.

Sweet Tooth – Second year Team Project game jam with a Halloween theme.

Frakasu – First year Studio 1 project. Breakout style game with an interesting twist.

Headache – First year Team Project. Simple platformer inspired by Abe’s Odyssey.